All the media people has different needs and demands for a vehicle they want to use for their project. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. FIXERS JAPAN would be able to get a great deal for MINI VAN class. And any other special vehicles are also available based on your request.
***Below vehicles are available in Tokyo. But let us find you a suitable one for you in rural area.***

for Journalists, Photographers, Filmmakers

These minivans seat to 7 to 10 people. Spacious interior. 4WD vehicle available. Great for leisurely drives through the mountains or by the beach comfortsbly.

              CLASS W-H

1800 - 2000cc Vehicle Arrangement by FIXERS JAPANW-H.gif

The smallest and most inexpensive choice. It maybe too tight for 5 adults to sit. And no space for luggage if more than 5 people.

              CLASS W-C

2400cc Vehicle Arrangement by FIXERS JAPANWC.gif

Luxury vehicle equipped with cozy seats and a comfortable interior. Our best recommendations for 3 - 4 crew with equipment.

              CLASS W-B

2500 - 2700cc Vehicle Arrangement by FIXERS JAPANW-B.gif

This is typically what we are asked to hire for the crew of 5 - 7 + Equipment space. A must for outings in a large group.

(B) BIG VAN / MICROBUS for Group Travelers with VIPs

These models are bigger than above vehicles and perfect for over 10 crew with shooting equipment. Taking VIPs for long distances comfortably. Some microbus has useful gudgets for photoshootings and etc.



Good enough space for 8- 9 passengers + luggaes, equipment. You need to hire a driver in additon to a fixer. The fee starts from 50,000yen/8 hours/within 80km. + ''how far you go, how long you keep the van''

              MICRO BUS


Good enough space for 18 - 20 passengers + luggaes, equipment. You need to hire a driver in additon to a fixer. The fee starts from 60,000yen/8 hours/within 80km. + ''how far you go, how long you keep the van.''

(C) HYBRID (ECO) / COMPACT STANDARD for Individual Travelers

Hybrid models are environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient, and in high demand from our customers.

                CLASS E-S

Hybrid vehicle arrangement by FIXERS JAPANE-S.gif

The most compact hybrid class and easy to drive and fuel-efficient.

              CLASS E-W

Hybrid vehicle arrangement by FIXERS JAPANE-W.gif

Plenty of room for luggage with ample cargo space. Astounding fuel-efficiency!

              CLASS S-S

Compact vehicle arrangement by FIXERS JAPANS-S.gif

Most popular type for 2 crew. Can be easily driven on narrow streets and are suitable for short trips.

(D) SPORTY / LUXURY for Individual Travelers, Journalists, Filmmakers

Compact but very sporty MINI! And with a spacious interior and large engine, these models are perfect for driving long distances comfortably, taking VIPs or enjoying the outdoors.


Mini Cooper Compatible vy Fixers JapanMINI.gif

MINI Cooper Compatible model. It maybe too tight to sit 4 adults. No space for luggage if 4 passengers.

      Mercedes-Benz SL500

Mercedes SL500 Arrangement by FIXERS JAPANCROWN.gif

Luxury 4 -seater vehicle equipped with cozy seats, compatible roof.

              CLASS S-D

Crown Arrangement by FIXERS JAPANCROWN.gif

Enjoy your driving experience to the fullest with the powerful, premium car type!


Nissan GTR Black Edition Arrangement by FIXERS JAPANMINI.gif

Enjoy smooth and powerful driving with this Japanese speed star. This is perfect for long distances as well.


YES. We provide a driver so do not hesitate to tell us if one is needed. Just for your information, Rent Car companies in Japan are legally prohibited from driving vehicles and introducing or arranging drivers.


As a condition we arrange a vehicle for you, all the insurance must be covered. (within 1,000 to 2,000yen/day)


The cost of Driver, Fuel, Highway, Parking are going to be billed.


Designated cancellation charges apply when canceling a reservation up to 10 days prior to the rental date. If you do not contact us and more than one hour has passed after the reserved pick-up time, your reservation is considered canceled. Cancellation charges do not apply for cancellations made on the same day as the reservation is made.