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arrow11_1.png   Our rate

  • We basically work on flat rate (daily basis per a fixer) or occasionally comission basis. And it all depends on the project size, location and type of the job you request and even your pre-booking term makes difference. Early booking gets better deal for sure. And it all depends on availability of fixers.

arrow11_1.png   Cancellation Policy

<Production Fieldwork>
We require 10days cancellation notice prior to your scheduled arrival, otherwise We will charge you cancellation fee as below.
10% of your total amount will be charged : 10days before your scheduled arrival.
30% of your total amount will be charged : 9-7days before your scheduled arrival.
50% of your total amount will be charged : 6-2days before your scheduled arrival.
100% of your total amount will be charged : 1day before or No show.

<Preproduction Research>
100% for any services we have done on your project.

<Rent car>
Designated cancellation charges apply when canceling a reservation up to 3 days prior to the rental date.
If you do not contact us and more than one hour has passed after the reserved pick-up time, your reservation is considered canceled.

<Rental Equipment>
30% before 7days. 50% before 3days. 100% before 2 days.

arrow11_1.png   How can we pay?

5% off ( Apply when the total is more than 100,000yen + 8%tax)
*If you hired our fixer outside Tokyo, no cash payment is acceptable due to some adjustments of local expenses.

<Banking Wire Transfer>
Please note 5,000yen per transaction for international incoming remittance fee and lifting charge by our bank will be added on your invoice.

<Online Credit Card>
AMEX, VISA and Master Card are acceptable. Credit Card Payment

Our basic payment term is within 2 weeks to 30days depending on the project.

arrow11_1.png   What can you do for us?

We are happy to do research, track down people and report beforehand, translate, interview, hire and drive vehicles, arrange your hotel & local transportation, apply for filming permission if necessary, help lift and carry your heavy equipment, and any assistance you generally need. If there is something you need that is not on the list, just ask.

arrow11_1.png   Do I need a permit to shoot in Japan?

Professional shoots of a certain size, using a tripod in public space, requiring assistance with parking needs to apply for a shooting permit with the local police office. Still, there are many places you never are unable to get permissions officially in Japan no matter how. Ask us for the further assistance. However, It is up to the applicant to comply with all rules and regulations in their permit application, which can be a time consuming and complex process, especially if you’re not familiar with it. You need to scout each location and find out what the specific conditions are, before you can apply for a permit. Like everywhere, local conditions for shooting are subject to change for many possible reasons (building and roadworks, security precautions, neighborhood concerns, etc.), so your local scout needs to do a bit of research before they can file for a permit.

arrow11_1.png   Does shooting permits cost anything?

The cost of shooting permit varies on each location. It is approximately few thousand Yen per application in advance to the local police office if you shoot in public areas. And some other fee will be incurred for translated paper work when applying. Please ASK.

arrow11_1.png   How long does it take to get a permit?

It usually takes less than a week to obtain a simple permit. Complex cases can take longer.

arrow11_1.png   Can I shoot on train and buses?

Shooting on trains and buses including their property (platforms, exits and entrances, etc.) is conditional on obtaining each company's permission, which is strict and difficult and can be a costly and time-consuming process. Shooting on bulletrain called SHINKANSEN between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka is strictly not allowed.

arrow11_1.png   Shooting on private property?

Shooting on private properties is usually down to negotiation of a fee, which varies from building to building. As in any big city, it helps to have the right budget for an ambitious location schedule.

arrow11_1.png   We are an independent production company. Can you assist us?

Independent projects are more than welcomed as long as your budget and filming schedules are agreeable. Please contact us to discuss about your project.

arrow11_1.png   We only need a translator for 1 hour. Is it possible?

Yes. English - Japanese translation only and we can provide the service only in Tokyo. The rate is from 20,000yen. Let us know what kind of topics we need to translate about. The rate is subject to change without notice. Please ask our availability.

arrow11_1.png   We need to apply for a visa to visit Japan. Do you support our visa?

Sorry but we currently do not assist the guests who need visa to enter into Japan. Please double check with Japan Embassy in your country about the requirment.

arrow11_1.png   Are you able to arrange equipment for shooting in Japan?

Sure. Name what you need. Renting equipments can be gone through a local production. We liaise with a suitable company which meets your project needs and we can intermidiate in between. The equipment availability depends on brands and booking term as well. In addition, the service fees around 10% - 15% might be applied by the rental equipment company which is normal here.
+++ Please note that certain amount of deposit might be asked by the equipment company in advance. Please ASK. +++

arrow11_1.png   Are you able to arrange a cameraman/soundman along with a fixer?

No problem. We are all well experienced tag-team and work for your project. Some journalists, directors fly over by him/herself and we often arrange them together. That would surely save a lot of your cost and time. Travel smart!

arrow11_1.png   Do you think we need to hire a vehicle in Tokyo?

You can easily reach from a location to another location by train, metro, and bus that is very cost effective. However, if you are carrying heavy equipment with you or going to suburbs or looking for efficient way to move around, you better hire a car. Our fixer will be happy to arrange a suitable vehicle upon your request in the region where you are going. Check our vehicle arrangement page from   here.

arrow11_1.png   Do you book hotels for us?

Yes, we do. Let us know your price range, full name and requests (e.g. non-smoking, away from the elevator, as higher as possible..etc.) You will settle your account directly to the hotel when checking-in or out. A hotel in Japan usually accept cash and major credit card. For your information, 10 to 15 percent service charge is added to the bill in place of individual tipping at first-class hotels and high-quality Ryokan, and a 8% consumption tax is imposed at all establishments.

arrow11_1.png   How much should I tip generally?

Tipping is neither expected or required for any services you get in Japan.

arrow11_1.png   What is the percentage of the tax in Japan?

8% tax will be added on any consumptions or services you get in Japan. (As of January 2016).

arrow11_1.png   Do you accept any other currencies but Japanese Yen?

We currently accept the payment in Japanese yen only.

arrow11_1.png   Are you able to travel with us?

Absolutely YES! Having a base of operations in Tokyo, We cover all over Japan. And if having a suitable fixer in the area you are heading to, we will arrange him/her for you. Check the estimated travel time under ''TIPS ABOUT JAPAN'' to reach major cities from Tokyo.

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