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Provacy policy
You are kindly requested to accept and follow terms of service listed below before signing up for FIXERS JAPAN, Inc.


1. The Registrant will keep the contents of the offered job confidential, and the Registrant shall not release any
    information to other parties.
2. The Registrant shall not strictly post a trailer/full footages / pictures including BTS of the offered job on a personal
    Website, SNS, Youtube,Vimeo or any kinds of internet CV or personal Advertisement without a permission of
    FIXERS JAPAN, INC. to avoid any confusions by the viwers.
3. Even if the registrant obtained a permit from FIXERS JAPAN, INC, to use images on SNS,
    S/he would need clearly mention - ''Local produced by FIXERS JAPAN, INC (''.
4. The Registrant shall not create or maintain any copies of a part or all of the materials offered through the projects.
5. The Registrant shall keep all the information and materials delivered by the Company or made by the Registrant
    for the project in safe and return all the abovementioned items and copies to the Company promptly after
    the project has done unless the Company doesn’t request to return them.
6. The Registrant shall not contact clients directly without any permission from FIXERS JAPAN, Inc.
7. The Registrant shall not behave to lose trust of the Company.
8. The Registrant agrees to abandon the copyright of translated deliverables.
9. The Registrant shall abide by this contract after the dissolution of expert the registration.
10. The Registrant shall indemnify the company from any visible or invisible costs, damages and fees caused by
      the Registrant in case of breach of this contract.

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